Book Review: ‘We Came Here To Forget: A Novel’ By Andrea Dunlop

Katie Cleary should be on top of the world. She is an Olympic skier who has medals. She has a hot boyfriend in Luke. Great parents. But it’s not all great in her life. Her sister Penny has problems she refuses to face and then tragedy strikes. Katie is caught in a whirlwind not of her own making. Then she loses her sponsors, loses Luke and decides to take off to try and find herself.

Katie heads to Buenos Aires to get away for a while. She finds a place to live and take an easy. She likes it there and has changed her name and tries to hide her past. She gets a job as a tour guide and meets new people and starts tango lessons. She has new friends and things seem to be going as good for her as they can. But all good things must at some point end. She has a decision to make about her life and what will come next.

The story alternates between present day and flashes back to her life growing up, her friendship and falling in love with Luke and her friendship with his brother Blair and everything that has happened with her sister Penny and it is a doozy of a situation. Katie needs to figure out if running away will solve her problems right now or just postpone them.

Author Andrea Dunlop does a great job of slowly rolling out what has happened with Penny and keeps the reader engaged to want to know what exactly has happened with her. Family-secrets, friendship, love and trying to find yourself makes this a great novel that I couldn’t put down.

You can pick up We Came Here To Forget in stores from Atria on Tuesday, July 2nd.

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