Book Review: ‘Watcher In The Woods’ Is The Next Rockton Novel Mystery

Author Kelley Armstrong is back with book number four in her Rockton series featuring Casey Duncan. Rockton is a mysterious small town in the Yukon that takes in criminals and people of the run. It’s run by a council and by Sheriff Eric Dalton and Detective Casey Duncan. It’s limited in what it has and is not well known.

The story opens with Casey and Eric going to see her Casey’s estranged sister April. They need a doctor to try and save Kenny who has been shot. April agrees to go. When they get back April is able to help him. Meanwhile a stranger has been spotted in the area and Casey and Eric go on the hunt for him. It turns out he is a US Marshall (or so he claims) and he’s here to bring someone back on a warrant. He won’t say who it is.

A few hours later the Marshall is shot and now everyone is a suspect including April, who is suppose to leave in a couple of days. The hunt is on to find the killer. With not a lot to go on the investigation begins. When Casey and Eric try to bring April home they are stopped but go anyway without her. They are able to get online to research the Marshall and some of the suspects in town (there’s not internet or cell service in Rockton). Now they have more clues and the hunt is on to get to the killer before the killer gets to them.

My first time reading a Rockton novel and I liked it. The characters are well-written, the town is an interesting setting and the story is solid. I look forward to reading more Rockton stories in the future.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, February 5th from Minotaur.

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