Book Review: ‘Watch Me Disappear: A Novel’ By Ross Armstrong

Tom Mondrian lives in London, and has a hum-drum life. He decides to become a police community support officer, which after a few days is already bored with. While directing traffic, he’s shot in the had with three bullets, that cannot be removed. He recovers, but his mind has changed. He has some speech issues, just says what he’s thinking, and remembering things, but also senses things before they happen or already happened. He returns to work, and gets a new partner. When a series of teenage girls go missing, Tom and his partner decide to investigate on the sly. Tom keeps sensing things, and is determined to find the killer, even if it kills him. This is a fascinating novel, with a really well-written main character, that is different from anyone else you’ve read. A good novel to start the year with.

You can pick up Watch Me Disappear in stores on Tuesday, January 24th from MIRA.

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