Book Review: ‘Wanderer’ Looks At The Life Of Two People At A Crossroads

It’s been 10 years since Hermin, a music composer and instructor and a former student/friend/roommate Lenny have seen each other. Lenny was a piano genius and had great potential. He then up and left one night and that was it. Now he’s back and knocking on Hermin’s door. He doesn’t really give any explanation as to why he left or why he’s back. He lets Lenny stay and they barely talk or interact.

Through flashbacks we learn their past together and how they met and what went down between them. When Lenny finally opens up to Hermin about things that happened in the past and why he’s back it’s a complete shock to Hermin. He must now deal with what he has learned and how he will proceed from now on and how his friendship with Lenny will now move forward.

A well-written story with two characters at crossroads and having to deal with their past and reconcile it in the present. Secrets are revealed and not where you might think it’s going. If you’re a fan of classical type music it plays as part of the story and works great here.

The story is short at just 198 pages and ties up all loose strings. You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, January 8th from author Sarah Leon.

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