Book Review: ‘Waiting For The Night Song: A Novel’ By Julie Carrick Dalton

Cadie Kessler has a secret from 27 years ago that she has kept mostly to herself. Two other people are aware of some of it as well. Her childhood best friend Daniela and Garrett, both still live in the town she grew up in during part of her childhood years. Now she’s back in town, receiving an urgent message from Daniela, that involves that secret. Cadie is also a researcher trying to stop wildfires and discovers one of the main reasons they keep happening and are so deadly. Now she, Daniela and Garrett must confront the secret from all those years ago. And everything she believed from back then is thrown into chaos when she learns shocking truths about that fateful event and with a fire now racing toward the town, everyone has to work together but someone won’t make it out alive.

A solid debut novel from author Julie Carrick Dalton, which touches on social issues as part of the story, works well here. They’re are a few timed twists and turns and effective use of the present and past chapters, to flush the story out and keep the reader engaged.

You can pick up Waiting For The Night Song in stores on Tuesday, January 12th from Forge.

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