Book Review: ‘Very Bad People: A Novel’ By Kit Frick

Six years ago Calliope Bolan’s mother died in a tragic car accident, when her car went into the water. Calliope and her two sisters were in the cat and all three managed to escape. No one is really sure what happened to her mother and how she ended up driving the car into the water. Now sixteen Calliope has transfered to the exclusive Tipton Academy to finish her high school years. Her mother and aunt both went here. On one of her first days she sees a strange man and gets a flashback to the day her mother dies. She knows the man from somewhere (maybe even in the car). Then she gets invited to join the secret society known as ‘Haunt and Rail’ as a ghost (there members are referred to as ghosts). No one know who they are and they have access to personal info, keys and shadow people working at the school. They get things done that might not get done otherwise. And they have info on Calliope and she gets in to deep and sees shocking things. As she investigates the strange man, her mother’s death (with a shocking twist), a first romance, this with Haunt and Rail get to her and she decides she has to do something. A solid young adult thriller that keeps you engaged as you read along and root for Calliope.

You can pick up Very Bad Things in stores on Tuesday, April 5th from Margaret K. McElderry Book.

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