Book Review: ‘Verse And Vengeance’ Is The Next Fun Magical Bookshop Mystery

by | Nov 29, 2019 | Books | 0 comments

Book number 4 in the Magical Bookshop Mystery series finds a lot of new development with Violet, David and Grandma Daisy. As well we learn a lot more about the bookshop and the duties and history of the caretaker. And of course we have the awesome Emerson the Cat and Faulkner the Crow. Another fun mystery from the talented author of the series Amanda Flower.

Grandma Daisy is now the Mayor of Cascade Spring and is trying to raise money to fix up things in town, including the museum. The annual bike ride is about to take place and should bring in a good amount of money. Violet is overseeing the bookshop and is also things with her and Chief David are getting more serious. But she feels guilty not telling him about the shop and her part as the caretaker. She knows she has to come clean.

She also has to deal with P.I. Joel Redding (from the last book) who is keeping an eye on her and she fears he is going to find out about the shop. As the bike race goes on she sees Joel is part of it. And when they get up ahead in the race there’s a commotion. Joel is on the street dead. It turns out to it could be murder. And this follows a dead body being found a few days before in the Falls. A prime suspect is Jo, one of Daisy’s students. She has gone missing.

Violet goes on the search for Jo and hopes to help figure out what happened to Joel and it comes back to the bookshop and Walt Whitman. The shop keeps giving her the book and she tracks down what Walt has to do with the murder, the dead body and Daisy finally gets a break that can blow the whole case open and solve who is the murdered. She also comes clean with David and hopes it will not affect their relationship.

You can pick up Verse And Vengeance in stores on Tuesday, December 10th from Crooked Lane Books.