Book Review: ‘Vera: A Novel’ By Carol Edgarian

The year is 1906 in San Francisco and Vera Johnson, age 15, her life will once agin be changed. She’s the illegimate daughter of Rose, a rich madam in the city. She has very little contact with her mother. She lives with Pie and her mother and gets a weekly visit from her mother’s servant Tan, with supplies and money. She sees her mother every year on her birthday. And then the earthquake hits. She and Pie are on their own, as Pie’s mother has died. They make their way to Rose’s house and find it in good shape, but no Rose. Tan and his family show up and they live there for the time being to survive. Vera starts looking for Rose and they say it’s not always good to get what you want. As the city starts rebuilding, we learn the fate of Rose and what Vera’s life is like going forward. It’s an intense look at a young girl who must struggle to survive mostly on her own after the affects of the massive earthquake. You root for Vera along her way and find out what a strong young woman she turns out to be.

You can pick up Vera in stores on Tuesday, March 2nd from Scribner.

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