Book Review: ‘Vendetta In Death’ Is The Next Thrilling Eve Dallas Book

Vendetta In Death is book number 49 in the Eve Dallas series by author J.D. Robb. It’s another thrilling story of a killer that has it in to kill men that are cheaters, rapist and abusers. She calls herself Lady Justice. She targets these men to make them pay for what they have done. She uses disguises and drugs to accomplish her goals.

Eve Dallas and her crew are on the case. They are tracking every lead and person that may have a connection to these murdered men. This is also personal for Eve because her past being abused. Eve soon narrows down who she thinks it might be and starts to close in leading up to a climatic ending.

Another thrilling book that takes you on a ride right up to the climatic end. Filled with J.D. Robb’s classic LOL lines from Eve and Peabody. As usual also reaffirms the love story between Eve and her charming husband Roarke. If you’ve never read an Eve Dallas book jump in. These stories are written as stand-alone novels with enough information given to understand back story. With number 50 already announced, this series is still going strong.

You can pick up Vendetta In Death in stores on Tuesday, September 3rd from St. Martin’s Press.

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