Book Review: ‘Untouchable’ Is The Next Cutler, Sutter And Salinas Thriller

Jayne Ann Krentz has written a lot of great novels with no sign of slowing down. She’s back with book number three in her Cutler, Sutter and Salinas series titles Untouchable, in stores on Tuesday, January 8th from Berkley Hardcover. This one centers on Jack Lancaster and his search for Quinton Zane who is back after all these years. He was presumed dead but Jack never believed it for.

Jack works very cold cases in his search for justice. He has a gift for percentages of how things will happen and has very lucid dreams. Since he survived a cult when he was younger after almost being burned to death, he tends to work cases involving fire. Quinton is the one that lead the cult and almost killed him. Now Quinton is back for his ultimate revenge to take down Jack and his foster brothers (who were also part of the cult) once and for all.

Quinton discovers he’s the illegitimate son of a rich hedge fund manager who is having some problems with the business. He introduces himself to his new dad and offers to help him fix the business. This while working on his plan for Jack. It involves Jack’s new friend Winter (who has a way to hypnotize people) and using her as bait. It’s a well crafted plan but he doesn’t count on how smart Jack is and how he is on to him and seems at times to be one step ahead. When Winter is taken it’s up to Jack to find save her and end Quinton once and for all. It leads to an ultimate showdown where people won’t survive.

It’s my first time reading one of Jayne’s novel with these characters. Jack is a fascinating man with a lot of elements to him. The story is a good thriller with some twists and turns leading to a climatic ending. I always enjoy reading Jayne’s novels and look forward to more in this series!

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