Book Review: ‘Until I Find You: A Novel’ By Rea Frey

Rebecca Grey is a single mom, she lost her husband in a tragic accident a year ago, to a three month old baby. She’s also has a degenerative eye disease and is going blind. She loves her son beyond words and worries about him. Lately she’s had the feeling that someone is following her. Weird things are happening like the door to her house being open, a door being closed that should be open and the feeling someone is in her house.

After a fainting spell at the park, Rebecca is at home and checks on her baby Jackson and picks him up. Then she realizes the baby in her arms is not her son. He’s is a different baby. She freaks out and calls her friends and the police. Problem is no one believes her. How could this not be her baby?

With not a lot of help from the police, she turns to her ex-boyfriend cop, and begins an investigation on her own. And still no luck until she gets proof the baby is not hers and then she learns a shocking secret about were her son is and it could be closer than she thinks.

A solid thriller with some twists that will keep the reader engaged.

You can pick up Until I Find You in stores on Tuesday, August 11th from St. Martin’s Griffin.

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