Book Review: ‘Unleashed Holiday: A Novel’ By Victoria Schade

by | Aug 23, 2023 | Books | 0 comments

The last person Chelsea Higgins expects to see when leaving her dog training business is Andrew Gibson, they have a past and not a good one. He has rented the space above her business, and is opening a gym called Crush. And she can’t help notice how good he looks. When his dog knocks her down, they make an agreement that she will train the dog, and he will help her with her hurt wrist. Then they start spending more time together, and you know how it goes, an attraction, and then hot sex. But Chelsea wonders about their past, her issues regarding her late father, and if Andrew is in it for more than good time during the holidays. This is another in a long list of good rom-coms this year. You follow along, and root for these two characters, and thrown in some dogs, and you’ve got a fun novel to read.

You can pick up Unleashed Holiday in stores on Tuesday, September 26th from Berkley.