Book Review: ‘Under Occupation’ A WWII Thriller From Alan Furst

Author Alan Furst is back with a new thriller set in occupied Paris during World War II. Paul Ricard is a soy novelist in Paris. He loves his city so much and hates that the Germans occupy. He hopes one day soon they will be gone and Paris can return to what it was. One day on while he’s out he sees a man being chased by the Gestapo and tries to help him. When he gets to the man, he’s handed a mysterious piece of paper and shoves it in his pocket before he dies. Paul later looks at it and sees it’s a secret diagram that could help the allies in the war. He reaches out to people that can help him get it to the right people.

And then before he knows it has been recruited to be a spy for the British. This comes with a lot of danger but he agrees to help. Anything to help Paris. He works with his friend Kasia and Leila, who gives them instructions. They have to travel to Germany for information, under the guise of his being a reporter. The trip is fraught with danger but they manage to get back to Paris. But not all is well and Germans are on to him and Kasia and it could cost them their lives. They must come up with a plan to get out of Paris before it’s too late.

I love WWII thrillers and this one is another classic. The setting up Paris and the depiction of the Germans is spot on. The story starts off strong and never lets up. The reader roots for Paul the whole way through and hope that he can make a difference and even survive. A great thriller!

You can pick up Under Occupation in stores on Tuesday, November 26th from Random House.

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