Book Review: ‘Under Currents’ Is The Next Great Nora Roberts Book

Nora Roberts is back with her next explosive novel titled Under Currents. Set in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina it looks at how the physical and emotional abuse of a young man Zane Bigelow affects his whole live.

From the outside is looks like Dr. Graham Bigelow, his wife Eliza, their teenage son Zane and young daughter Britt are just the normal high society family living on the rich side of the lake. But in the house it’s a different story. Graham abuses his wife which leads to hot sex. He also abuses his son Zane if he he gets out of line. Zane can’t take it anymore. He is sixteen and off to college soon. He is a star baseball player and good student. He starts to workout so he can stand up to his father. He is more worried about his sister than anything else. The family is warned to keep their mouths shut about things.

But one night it goes to far and Britt is also hit. Zane does the best he can to defend against his father. They all end up in the hospital and at first Zane is charged (since Graham knows everyone in town including the chief of police). His aunt Emily comes to the rescue and gets Britt to the police in another town and soon gets Lee to believe her and the kids and Graham and Eliza are taken care of and sent to jail.

Years later we reunite with the family and Zane is moving back to town. His mother has gotten out of jail with no contact with the family and soon his father is going to get out. Zane is determined to put the demons of his past behind him and start over fresh in town. He is a lawyer and opens a practice, buys a house and meets a charming new woman Darby. Things are going along good until the past comes back to haunt Zane and Darby and they have to deal with their lives being in danger and moving on and putting the past behind them once and for all.

This is a powerful new novel from Nora Roberts which looks at a toughs subject matter in abuse. The characters are well-written and their issues are dealt with in a professional and intense way. Nora can write a book like no other that pulls at your heartstrings and has you rooting for the good guys. Through in some twists and turns and you’ve got another great novel from her. I personally always look forward to the next Nora Roberts novel no matter what she writes about it’s always a great journal.

You can pick up Under Currents in stores on Tuesday, July 9th from St. Martin’s Press.

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