Book Review: ‘Under A Dark Sky: A Novel’ By Lori Rader-Day

Eden Wallace’s life has been a mess since her husband died nine months ago in a drunk driving accident. She hasn’t worked or done her photography. She also isn’t sleeping much and is afraid of the dark. She finds paperwork in her husband’s stuff for a week at Dark Sky Park during what would be their anniversary. Against her better judgement she decides to go.

When she gets there she finds other people there. It turns out that the suite in the guest room was rented not the whole house. Six friends who went to college have rented the rest of the house. Eden decides she is not going to stay after this one night (it is dark out and a long drive to Chicago). She hangs with the friends for a bit while they drink and reminisce. She also feels something is off with them and goes to her room.

Eden wakes up around 2am and looks out and sees someone running from the house. Then a scream. And then a dead body. One of the friends Malloy has been murdered. The police are called and everyone is a suspect including Eden (who doesn’t even know these people). They are held in town until further notice and questioned.

The more they’re questioned and around each other Eden finds out secrets about all of them (and she has some of her own) and not everything among these friends is what it seems. Soon someone confesses but it seems to convenient. The more questions and digging Eden does puts her life in jeopardy when she figures out who did it and why.

Author Lori Rader-Day is back with her next mystery that has lots of twists and turns right up to the end with an interesting character in Eden Wallace. You can’t help but root for her and her demons. You’ll want to keep reading right to the end.

You can pick up Under A Dark Sky in stores on Tuesday, August 7 from William Morrow.

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