Book Review: ‘Under A Broken Sky: A Novel’ By Kris Calvin

Emma Lawson is an ethics investigator for the state of California and is looking into a billion dollar train expansion going on. On the surface she’s not finding anything bad yet. But someone doesn’t want her digging into the deal and it puts her into the crosshairs of a killer, who is expecting money and then will vanish. A dead body at the lake, a fire at a storage facility, a break in at Emma’s house and a Dutch woman murdered, all have Detective Alibi Morning Sun on the case. It all seems to be tied into what Emma is doing and soon Emma puts the pieces together and her life is in danger now. She also has to deal with her father being back in her life after 22 years and the secrets he has been keeping (and a tease for the next book) and a potenial new romance with Alibi. This is the second book in the Emma Lawson series (I didn’t read the first) and I really liked it. A solid mystery, with well-written characters and a twist as to who the killer is. I look forward to the next book.

You can pick up Under A Broken Sky in stores on Tuesday, July 12th from Crooked Lane.

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