Book Review: ‘Unbreak Me: A Novel’ By Michelle Hazen

Two people Andra Lawler and LJ Deslie are an unlikely couple. The day he walks onto their ranch for a job working the stables nothing will be the same again. Andra was kidnapped and assaulted in College before she escaped and hasn’t really gotten over it yet. LJ is an African-American cowboy who has left New Orleans after the Katrina and applies for the job. Andra hires him even though her father resists him. Soon the two grow close. She opens up to him as does he. He teaches her to cook and is great with horses. But her still gets looks and snares in this small town being with her.

But things are not easy for the two. LJ is called home by his ailing mother and he soon returns to New Orleans where you can still see what has happened because of Katrina. He has to face his life there and everything that has gone on and will go on. Andra is also ready to fight for him and the only question that remains is can they overcome their pasts and each others baggage to be together.

Author Michelle Hazan brings up a lot of topical issues in this heartfelt story of putting the past behind you and working toward a future. Two characters well-written that the reader roots for in a big way.

You can pick up Unbreak Me in stores on Tuesday, August 13th from Berkley Trade Paperback.

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