Book Review: ‘Twisted Prey’ Is The Next Exciting Lucas Davenport Thriller

by | Mar 30, 2018 | Books | 0 comments

The 28th Lucas Davenport book finds him up against an old nemesis Senator Taryn Grant from Minnesota and he would like nothing better than to take her down once and for all.

Senator Porter Smalls (also from Minnesota) is returning to Washington after a weekend fling with his mistress Cecily at his cabin (his wife also has a lover so as long as it doesn’t get out everything is okay). Suddenly someone runs his car off the road and he survives but not Cecily. He knows it was Taryn who is responsible. Word is she wants to run for President and he has history with her (from a previous book). He calls the one person he knows that can help him prove it Lucas Davenport.

Lucas quickly accepts and is off to Washington to start investigating. Taryn is not happy that Smalls survived but feels confident that all tracks have been covered leading to her (yes she is behind it). But this is Lucas and he doesn’t stop until he has overturned and looked at every little detail. He finds little things that quickly add up to bigger things and soon comes upon something bigger than his investigation. It could also cost him and his wife their lives.

Another great story involving Lucas with non-stop action, twists and turns and finale you don’t see coming. Lucas Davenport is one of my favorite characters to read every year and we get our usual Virgil Flowers cameo as well. I can’t wait for his new book later this year. If you’ve never read one of John Sandford’s books before now is a good time to jump in. He gives enough backstory and the characters so you know who is who and you are not lost.

You can pick up Twisted Prey from Putnam in stores on Tuesday, April 24.