Book Review: ‘Twice In A Blue Moon’ Is The Next Fun Romantic Comedy From Christina Lauren

The follow-up to The Unhoneymooners is another fun romantic comedy from author Christina Lauren. This time it is set in the world of Hollywood. Rom-coms have the same formula two people fall in love and then something happens to break them up and then they might or might not get back together by the end. As long as the story is interesting, the characters are well-written and fun they succeed. It does here.

Tate is 18 years old and has led a someone sheltered life. She is the daughter of a famous Hollywood actor Ian Butler. Her parents were married and her mother was an upcoming actress. But in typical Hollywood fashion Ian was a ladies man and it ended the marriage. Tate and her mother fled and changed their names and lived a normal life.

Now Tate is with her Nana in England for a two-week vacation to celebrate her high school graduation and Tate is ready for college in the fall. They meet Sam who is 21 and his Grandfather Luther, who are also on vacation. Sam and Tate take to each other and hangout and fall for each other. Tate reveals her secret to Sam and even sleeps with him (her first). She feels she can trust him. But Sam soon betrays her to the world and shatters her heart.

Fourteen years later Tate is a famous Hollywood writer and is working on a movie with her father for the first time. She is meeting the crew and ready to start filming until she meets the writer. It is Sam the guy that hurt her all those years ago. She is taken aback by this but the show must go on. She finally confronts him on what he did and the reality of everything weighs on her. Can she forgive this man and maybe even have a second chance?

The book also does a great job showing the behind the scenes on a movie set. Parts of the book have the actual script that they are shooting written into the story which is a nice touch for the novel. If you’re a fan of Rom-coms you can can’t go wrong with this one of any of the others by author Christina Lauren.

You can pick up Twice In A Lifetime in stores on Tuesday, October 22nd from Gallery.

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