Book Review: ‘Tweet Cute’ Is A Great Debut Young Adult Novel By Emma Lord

A local New York deli that has been around since the early 60’s. A Burger Chain that started in Nashville and has now gone nationwide are the backdrop of this debut YA novel from Emma Lord.

Pepper is in high school, part of the swim team, a great student and helping to run the Twitter account of the family business Big League Burger.

Jack is in high school, on the dive team, a twin with Ethan (who is really popular), works at the family business Girl Cheesing and runs the business Twitter account (even though his father doesn’t believe in social media).

Big League Burger is introducing a new Grilled Cheese selection of sandwiches that are identical to Girl Cheesing’s sandwiches. Jack is outraged and starts a Twitter war with Big League Burger. Neither Jack or Pepper are aware that they’re families own these businesses.

They start to hang out and become friendly. They also secretly talk with each other on a social site Weazel, that Jack has secretly developed. When you talk to someone on it you don’t know who the each other is. They soon find out about the businesses and decide to have a friendly rivalry and a contest on Twitter. As their battle online intensifies, their feelings for each do as well. Can they survive this online war and the fact that they actually like each other or will it go to far?

A fun rom-com that takes it up a notch with the social media aspect. Enjoyable characters, solid story-telling and some LOL moments make for a sterling debut from author Emma Lord.

You can pick up Tweet Cute in stores on Tuesday, January 21st from Wednesday Books.

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