Book Review: ‘Twas The Knife Before Christmas’ Is The Next Fun Christmas Tree Farm Mystery

Author Jacqueline Frost is back with her follow up novel featuring Holly White and the Christmas Tree farm in a small town in Maine called Mistletoe. A murder, threats and Christmas approaching quickly.

Holly While is working on her designs that she sells. She’s also about to be the innkeeper for her family’s new inn which is almost done being built. She also helps with all the Christmas activities with the Reindeer Games. Her best friend Caroline has a bakery business that has just opened in town. Caroline is also the Mayor’s daughter. She had gone to an event with a guy named Derek, who got a little to handsy with her and she told him to back off. It was all caught on tape.

Derek is found dead at the town Christmas on the Square event and Caroline is the main suspect especially when her fingerprints are found on the murder weapon, which was a kitchen knife that she owned. She is arrested for the murder. Holly doesn’t believe she did it and starts investigating on her own. She’s warned off of doing this (last year while investigating something she was almost murdered).

Holly soon is getting threatening notes to back off and notices a Santa seems to be around her when she gets these messages and threats. The Sheriff and her family are worried about her but she keeps digging. It leads to a showdown which once again could cost her her life.

A fun mystery set in a small town with fun characters, a murder mystery with twists and turns and an easy to read story. And a cute cat make for an enjoyable read.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, November 13 from Crooked Lane.

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