Book Review: ‘Turbulence’ Is The Next Exciting Stone Barrington Novel

Stuart Woods is back with his next exciting Stone Barrington novel. Turbulence is being released from G.P. Putnam’s Sons on Tuesday, June 5th. It’s her 46th novel featuring Stone.

Stone is up to his next in issues in this book. He and Holly (Secretary of State) and Dino and Viv are at his newest house in Key West. A major hurricane is on the way and they don’t get out in time. They batten down the hatches and ride out the storm. It’s not as bad as first predicted. They also get a visitor. A Senator who once tried to get with Holly (and she knocked him down a peg). Holly also breaks the news she may run for President, which would put plans for her and Stone to finally be together full time.

Back in New York Stone gets invited to a party and soon meets Kelly and CIA head Lance Cabot, who wants him to help with an assignment. Soon Stone and his newest woman Kelly are on the way to England and Stone’s estate there. They are trying to help capture an arms dealer (and former nemesis of Stones). Things don’t go according to plan. Soon he is off to Paris and Zurich and back to the United States. He is again called on by Lance to go back to England to attend a party where a Nuclear Warhead may be and help to find it. It leads to a dramatic chase and a fight for their very lives.

Another heart stomping, action-filler, thrill ride of a story. Stone it seems can never catch a break from danger or be without a beautiful woman! Author Stuart Woods writes fast-paced stories will little filler so the story moves along and is quick and easy to read. So jump in now and see what you’ve been missing. It doesn’t matter if you’ve not read any previous books. Stuart gives enough back story so people can understand who is who and what is what.

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