Book Review: ‘Tracking Game’ Is The Newest Timber Creek K-9 Mystery By Margaret Mizushima

Mattie Cobb and Robo the K-9 dog are back for their newest adventure in Tracking Game. Things seem to be going good for Mattie right now. She and Cole Walker are getting closer and it seems they may be ready to take the next step. Mattie is still worried about her past and telling Cole about it. She’s also still waiting to hear back from the DNA site she submitted to and find out if she has any family somewhere.

They’re at a dance having a good time when they hear an explosion. They race to it and find a van on fire and the body of Nate Fletcher lying next to it. He’s been shot a couple of times. The sheriff’s office is now on the case and it brings them to the home of Nate’s in-laws the Redmans and to Nate’s wife. They are shocked to hear about Nate and provide alibis to them.

And when a second man is shot up in the mountains it seems like it is connected. And a rare tiger is also loose in the mountains where it doesn’t belong. As Mattie and the Sheriff’s office dig they find out not all was well with Nate and his family and their business. And they are closing in on the family thinking one of them might have had something to do with what’s been going on.

When the game warden and a group go up to the mountains to try and capture the tiger, it all comes to a head and people’s lives are in jeopardy from the killer.

Another thrilling adventure with Mattie and Robo the dog (who is awesome). The romance of Mattie and Cole also goes forward in a good way and is ready to be explored more in future books. And the story leaves off on a cliffhanger that will play out in the next novel.

You can pick up Tracking Game in stores on Tuesday, November 12th from Crooked Lane.

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