Book Review: ‘Tom Clancy Shadow Of The Dragon’ A Jack Ryan Novel By Marc Cameron

President Jack Ryan can never catch a break. If it’s not Russia or North Korea it’s China. And this time they’re up to their old tricks. It starts in the Artic ocean when a sonar expert hears something in the ocean that sounds like human cries. It’s soon learned that one of China’s new subs is stuck underwater with a crew of people.

Meanwhile in China a brillant scientist has disappeared and one woman may know where she is. She has gone in hiding and the key to finding her may be her young daughter. John Clark and the Campus are sent to China to find the girl and the woman. It means going undercover in the communist country. John is able to find the young girl and has to somehow get her out of the country. The campus operatives are on the trail of the missing woman with danger all around them. And when one of their own goes down and fights for life, it’s all they can do to get out of the country in one piece and be able to save their co-worker.

Another solid Jack Ryan novel by author Marc Cameron, who has this series down perfectly. It’s starts off fast and never lets up on the action. He does Tom Clancy proud with every book he writes.

You can pick up Shadow Of The Dragon in stores on Tuesday, November 17th from Putnam.

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