Book Review: ‘Tom Clancy Red Winter: A Jack Ryan Novel’ By Marc Cameron

The year is 1985 and Jack Ryan is living in London with his wife Kathy and his two young kids, when he’s called to Washington by the CIA, and given a new assignment. He’s to go to East Germany, with a young Mary Pat Foley (who he meets for the first time), and John Clarke (who is shadowing them) to meet with a possible defector. In Nevada, an F117 plane has crashed, and a spy has gotten a piece of it, and is on the run, to get it out of the US. While Ryan is meeting with the possible defector, there’s danger all around, and it might be a set-up, and Jack will have to do everything he can to get out alive. Lots of cool pop-culture references abound, and it’s fun to go back in time with Jack, and get backstory on his younger life. This one is truly a treat for Jack Ryan fans.

You can pick up Tom Clancy Red Winter in stores on Tuesday, December 6th from Putnam.

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