Book Review: ‘To Love And To Loathe’ Is A Fun Rom-Com By Martha Waters

The second book in author Martha Waters Regency series is as good as the first one To Have And To Hoax. It features some of the same characters as the first one and has a really fun story, that’s well-written and a cast of characters that are fun to read.

Diana Bourne and Jeremy Overington have known each other for years and have sparred with each other. The year is 1812 and Diana is 18 and ready to find a wealthy husband. Jeremy offers to marry her but she turns him down knowing what kind of scandalous man he really is. Forward a few years later and Diana is a widow and doesn’t ever want to get married again. She’s still sparring with Jeremy and he has decided to have a week long party at his house. He’s now the Marquess of Willingham, post he never wanted but was given after the death of his brother. Diana and Jeremy make a bet that he will be married within a year. Jeremy offers Diana a proposition to be his mistress and rate his performance in the bedroom (his last mistress said he wasn’t good). It will only last the week at the house. But being friends with benifits never works out because feelings become involved and it’s not different with these two. Will they give into their feelings or will it just be a week long fling?

You can pick up To Love And To Loathe in stores on Tuesday, April 6th from Atria.

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