Book Review: ‘Titan’s Day: The Carter Archives Book Two’ Is A Good Follow Up To Titanshade

Author Dan Stout is back with his follow up to last years debut novel Titanshade in his Carter Archives series. This time around Titan’s Day is coming and before they can celebrate, Carter and Ajax need to solve the murder of a Jane Doe. Since the events of the last book, they’ve both been on office duty for six weeks, so the publicity about Carter can die down.

Now they are on the hunt for the murderer of this girl and it could involve Manna, the magic that people use and was found in the last book. And with the big celebration day coming up things are not easy in the town. Lots of people have arrived for the event. There’s a big election going on and Carter and Ajax are getting stonewalled by another agency. But there not down and out and soon they learn more and more about what’s going on. It involves rival gangs that control different parts of the town.

When other murderers take place and a new manna drug has been found to hit the streets, it’s a rush against time to solve this case. It ends up with a big showdown with magic and lives in danger.

Another good story set with interesting characters (some not human), magic and a story that keeps the reader engaged throughout. This second book has a lot more character development is a fun noir novel. Here’s to more adventures in Titan.

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