Book Review: ‘Tin Badges’ Is A Great Novel

Tank Rizzo and Pearl have been friends and brothers ever since the Police Academy. They have worked their way up over the years and are now detectives. They got a tip about a drug deal going down. They check it out and it was a trap. In the melee Pearl is injured bad and this will be the last day either one is a cop. Now a few years later Tank is a ‘Tin Badge’ along with Pearl and along with a group that Tank has put together. Tin Badges are retired cops that are used for cold cases that the force hasn’t been able to solve.

The case they get involves two women that had their apartment broken into and were brutally raped. Tank and his crew start investigating it and all signs point to a drug kingpin named Gonzo, who is not happy to know that someone is investigating him.

Tank is a loner. He has a girlfriend that owns his favorite Italian restaurant with her father Carmine. He has a brother he hasn’t spoken to in a long time. Then he gets a call that he and his wife have died in a car accident leaving their 15 year old son Chris alone (Chris doesn’t think it was an accident). Tank springs into action and takes Chris in as his only living relative. It’s is tense since they have never met. Chris is full of resentment and Tank has no idea how to be a ‘dad’ to him. It is rough at first.

Chris is a true crime person and belongs to an online group that investigates cold cases. Tank lets him help on the Gonzo case and is very helpful. Soon Gonzo makes it personal when he sends men with warnings to Tank and his people. But you don’t mess with Tank and not expect consequences. And soon Tank puts into place a plan that will bring Gonzo down hopefully once and for all. Not everyone may survive in a dramatic showdown.

I can’t say how much I liked this book. The character of Tank is awesome and his having to take in Chris and somehow make it work is the heart of the story. Author Lorenzo Carcaterra has written a heart-warming story about family at its core and how the Police Department operates. The story ends on a cliffhanger which has me hoping there will be at least one more book (if not many with this character).

You can pick up Tin Badges in stores on Tuesday, August 27th.

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