Book Review: ‘Tightrope’ Is The Next Exciting Burning Cover Thriller

Set in the 1930’s in California, Tightrope is the third book in the Burning Cove series by author Amanda Quick. It’s close to Hollywood and the stars usually come her to vacation and get away. This story centers on Amalie Vaughn who was a very successful trapeze artist until someone tried to kill her and she ended up killing him (he had already murdered three others). Bad for Amalie is he had an accomplice who got away. The circus she was working for shut down and left a lot of people out of work.

Now six months later Amalie has opened a B&B with her aunt in Burning Cove. The place they bought cheap had a suicide that she didn’t know about. Business is really slow and they have had one guest an inventor who is showing off a robot at an event. Things go wrong and the man is murdered. More bad news for Amalie. Then the very sexy Matthias Jones shows up. He’s investigating the murder and could be involved with the mob. Then it comes out that a machine has gone missing that could affect National Security. This job comes right from the US Government.

On top of that the mysterious man who was part of the murders of the tightrope people has found out Amalie is in Burning Cove and goes there with the intent to finish her off. So Amalie is up to her next in danger and it will be up to Matthias to help figure this out before it’s too late for the both of them. Will things develop between the two and who will survive this?

Author Amanda Quick has written another great story filled with great characters and story. The setting of the 1930’s makes for a great background and this reads like a noir story which I love. It’s also can be read as stand-alone as I have not read the previous two books in the series. I have read plenty of her other books (over 100) and never disappoints.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, May 7th from Berkley.

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