Book Review: ‘Those Who Are Saved: A Novel’ By Alexis Landau

In 1940 in the South Of France Vera and Max are living with their 4 year-old daughter Lucie. They moved down from Paris because of the Germans and their hatred for the Jews. But now word has come that they have to register their names and will be moved to camps. Their daughter Lucie is a Paris citizen since she was born here. They leave her with Agnes, their governess. They hope they won’t be gone long. But they are kept prisoners until they’re able to escape and make it to America but they have to leave Lucie behind. It would be too dangerous to try and get her and take her. They she reads in the papers that where Lucie was staying the Germans arrested and shot the Jews. She has no idea what might have become of Lucie. It affects Vera’s marriage and she soon meets a new man and together after the war they will try and find out the truth about what happened to Lucie.

I loved this novel. It is a great historical novel and look at the horrible actions that took place with Hitler and the Germans. The book starts out fast and never lets up and the reader becomes engaged with the story of Vera and her determination to find her daughter at all costs.

You can pick up Those Who Are Saved in stores now from Putnam.

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