Book Review: ‘Those People’ Is The Next Thrilling Louise Candlish Novel

Author Louise Candlish is back with her new book Those People the follow up to last years awesome novel Our House. This time around the people that live on a quiet street get new neighbors from hell.

Lowland Way in the London area is a paradise. The people that live there all live quiet lives and get along with each other. Every Sunday they have a kids event that was recently covered in the press. Everything for the most part is good for the neighbors. Then Darrin and Jodie move in. Talk about neighbors from hell. Darrin inherited the house and is renovating it. He is also selling used cars from his property and parking them on the street. They play loud music half the night. And when the neighbors try to be nice and ask them to stop all they get is attitude.

Everyone complains to the police and town council but they get nowhere. They have to fill out proper forms and that can take time. It’s all out war and Darrin seems to be winning. Then a tragedy happens and someone is killed and it looks like Darren could be responsible. But is he. When the police start investigating everyone gives their side. But are all these people telling the truth? The more the police investigate the more they find things are not always what they seem to be. All the happy families are now so happy and the neighborhood is falling apart. Devious plans are hatched and it comes to a stunning climax.

A twisty story of secrets, revenge, plots and discourse. Much like last years Our House, author Louise Candlish throws in lots of twists and turns with interesting characters. I found I couldn’t put the book down, a real page-turner.

You can pick Those People up in stores on Tuesday, June 11th from Berkley.

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