Book Review: ‘This Magnificent Dappled Sea: A Novel’ By David Biro

In 1992 two people that have never met or know anything about each other’s lives will forever be linked by a past neither one knows about. Nine year old Luca lives in Northern Italy and has been sick and doesn’t seem to be getting better. He’s soon diagnosed with leukemia and it’s not looking good. The only thing that might save him is a bone marrow transplant.

In Brooklyn Rabbi Joseph Neiman is having issues with his son, his wife and with his faith. The world-wide bone marrow donor list is new and he’s a part of it. Turns out he’s a match for Luca, though no one can understand how he is. It’s up to a nurse named Nina at the hospital to try and save Luca. And shocking secrets are revealed that tie the past during the horrible events of WWII to who Luca is and what his past is.

Secrets never really stayed buried and author David Biro does a good job with this story of family and how the past can come back to haunt you when you think it’s been buried.

You can pick up This Magnificent Dapple Sea in stores on Tuesday, November 1st.

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