Book Review: ‘This Is Not A Love Scene’ Is A Delightful Debut Novel About First Love

Maeve is eighteen years old and in her final year of high school. She wants to go to UCLA for film-making along with her friends. She also is in a wheelchair with muscular dystrophy. She tries not to let it get in the way of her living and doing things she wants to do. She has friends that treat like anyone else. She has to rely on her parents for rides and they give her rules to try and keep her safe.

She’s in the process of filming her senior year movie short for class and has gotten the very handsome Cole Stone to be in it. She has been texting with him and has gotten flirty. She is way into him and he seems to be into her. They have some serious sexting going on. She’s very happy about this and thinks he could be the one to have sex with and who knows what else. She asks him out on a date and it goes well. They even fool around a bit.

But Cole seems to have some issues and Maeve must protect her heart with this guy. And she is trying to help another friend who is trouble and this causes Maeve some health issues. She learns first hand what first love can be all about and what goes along with it, the good and the bad.

A sterling debut novel from from screenwriter and now first time novelist S.C. Megale. Maeve is a well-written character and you root for her the whole book. It also puts MS in a positive way and teaches the reader about what it’s like to have it and how you can still try and live a good life.

You can pick up This Is Not A Love Scene in stores on Tuesday, May 7th from Wednesday Books.

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