Book Review: ‘These Still Black Waters: A Novel’ By Christina McDonald

by | Sep 11, 2023 | Books | 0 comments

Neve Maguire has left her husband with her daughter Ash, and returned to Black Lake, which is her childhood summer home. She has bad memories, and shocking secrets from her time there years ago. Then a body is found in the lake, and it’s her former best friend Bee. Neve starts to think back on what happened all those years ago. Detective Jess Lambert lost her daughter a year ago in a car accident, and hasn’t forgiven herself, and sees her dead daughter all the time. She’s on the case, along with her partner Will, and is drinking a lot these days. Then another body is found, and once again Neve knows who she is. As Jess gets closer to the truth, shocking secrets, and twists are revealed, things you don’t see coming. Once again, author Christina McDonald has written a thrilling novel that keeps you engaged throughout, and you will not want to put down.

You can pick up These Still Black Waters in stores on Sunday, October 1st.