Book Review: ‘These Ghosts Are Family’ By Maisy Card

The year is 2005 and Stanford Solomon has a story to tell. He’s a Jamaican immigrant in the United States, who was once known as Abel Paisley, who faked his death 35 years ago and assuming the new identity and leaving his real family thinking he was dead. He has decided it’s time to tell the truth. He reaches out to his daughter Irene, a home-health worker, living in New York. His life is ending and he wants the truth out.

He also has worries about his daughter from his second marriage, Estelle, who suffers from a heroin addiction and he worries she won’t be able to support her 18 year old daughter. He traces book his history and explains about what happened and we also learn about Jamaica’s history, dealing back to when they were under the rule of Britain. There are shocking reveals and twists that heighten the novel and not everything is as it seems.

A solid debut novel from author Maisy Card that engages the reader from the very beginning right up to the end. If Maisy keeps writing novels like this she will be a force in the book industry for years.

You can pick up These Ghosts Are Family in stores on Tuesday, March 3rd from Simon & Schuster.

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