Book Review: ‘Then She Vanished’ Is The Next Thrilling Roland Ford Novel By T. Jefferson Parker

by | Jul 31, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

Author T. Jefferson Parker is back with book number four in his Roland Ford P.I. series. It’s another stellar story featuring the awesome character of Roland Ford and his Irregular friends that live at his compound. This series gets better and better with each novel.

Roland Ford is asked by a state Congressman and fellow Semper Fi Dalton Strait to help find his missing wife Natalie. She’s been missing for a few days now. She has disappeared before but this is different. Soon her car is found and one word is written in lipstick on the seat help.

At the same time a terrorist group called the Chaos Committee has started targeting people and places in Southern California. They want a revolution against the establishment.

The more Ford investigates it seems like the two might be tied together. And then he learns about Dalton and Natalie’s life and everything is not as it seems. They’re in debt, he might be guilty of campaign finance laws and Natalie owes a lot of gambling money. Roland isn’t sure he can trust Dalton but keeps on the case.

He soon figures out shocking details and it comes to a head with Natalie and Chaos Committee and not everyone will come out alive and it leads to shocking reveals.

You can pick up Then She Vanished in stores on Tuesday, August 11th from Putnam.