Book Review: ‘The World Played Chess: A Novel’ By Robert Dugoni

Author Robert Dugoni always writes great novels and this one might be his best yet. It’s a very character driven story that looks at the lives of two people through various times in their lives and how it has affected there lives today. In 1979 Vinnie (who just graduated college and is 18) and William became friends while working construction together. William has lived a rough life so far, having served in Vietnam and still suffering the after effects. Vinny slowly learns what William had gone through and how it shapes his life in 1979 and today. The book goes back and forth between Vinnie’s life back then, today dealing with being a parent and a husband. William sends Vinny his diary from his time in Vietnam and we get to follow along with what happened to him there during to war. It’s an intense novel that keeps you reading along…you won’t want to put it down.

You can pick up The World Played Chess in stores on Tuesday, September 14th from Lake Union.

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