Book Review: ‘The Wonder Boy Of Whistle Stop’ Is The Next Great Fannie Flagg Novel

If you’ve never read a Fannie Flagg novel you’re missing out. They’re so good. The stories are very character driven and different from any other books you might read. The rotate from today to the past and every question is answered as you read along. You invest in all the characters and by the end you feel like you have new friends.

This is the story of a small town in Whistle Stop, Alabama and the people that live there and whatever became of the town over the years. We follow the story of Bud Threadgoode and his family throughout the years. This small town was a close knit group of people and over the years people came and left and the town changed.

Now years later Bud is living in an assisted living home and decides he wants to see Whistle Stop one more time. Throughout the novel we learn all about his life and the colorful people that lived in this small town and a miracle might just be coming today for Whistle Stop. Bud just might be able to go home again.

You can pick up The Wonder Boy Of Whistle Stop in stores on Tuesday, October 27.

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