Book Review: ‘The Women Of The Copper Country: A Novel’ By Mary Doria Russell

It’s July of 1913 and for 25 year old Annie Clements is the same old. She has lived in Calumet, Michigan her whole live and watched the men work the copper mines. They make very little and live is tough here. Having to put food on the table and other everyday needs are difficult. But today a miner is hurt real bad and the men have had it. They vote to strike. And Annie is right there to lead the march.

The women’s auxiliary have been trying to help the families survive during this drawn out period. This of course doesn’t go over well with her husband. Annie soon learns a lot of about herself. How far will she go during this strike? She could end up in prison but she is standing up for what she believes in and against her abusive husband. Will this cost her everything?

This novel is based on the real life story of Annie that I had never even known about. It’s a fascinating story and kudos to this brave woman for what she did. In 1913 women just didn’t do this. Author Mary Doria Russell has written a fascinating story that will have you enthralled and not want to put down.

You can pick up The Women Of The Copper Country in stores Tuesday, August 6th.

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