Book Review: ‘The Woman Trapped In The Dark’ Book Three Of The Blink, Texas Trilogy

J.D. Mason is back with book three in her Blink, Texas trilogy. I didn’t read the first two in the series and it’s not necessary. It’s easy to read this one without having read the first two. It’s a solid story of revenge, love and the rescue of an innocent woman. It has great characters and a page-turning story right up to the very end.

Jordan Gatewood is rich and in charge of the company he got from his dad. He also has a beautiful younger woman named Abby Rhodes. They are in love and ready to take it to the next step. When she goes to her home in Blink from Dallas where he lives she is kidnapped. Jordan had told her not to go but she figured she would be alright.

Three local people have taken her and holding her for the next five days. As long as Jordan will give $100 million to the Dakota pipeline, Abby will be released. The people that have her are doing this to avenge the past but have no plans to ever release her.

Jordan calls a mysterious man named Plato (who is a great character and has been in previous books) who’s known to find people and take care of things for the rich. He’s given five days to find her and he can name his price. As time is running out and Abby finds herself in more danger than she thought, will Plato and Jordan find her in time?

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, September 18 from St. Martin’s Press.

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