Book Review: ‘The Winter Soldier’ Is An Intense Look At A Young Doctor On The Front Line Of World War 1

Lucius has been going to school to become a doctor in 1914 and still has a ways to go before he will become one. When WW1 starts he is trusted into the war and send to a medical outpost close to the Russian border. He is not actually a doctor and has never operated on anyone yet. When he gets there he finds a post where the doctors have fled and a mysterious Nun named Sister Margarete is running the show.

The conditions are bad. Hardly any help, medicine, no x-ray machine and food at a minimum and cold weather. They work together to do what they can to help out the injured until they are moved along back into the field or on to another hospital. Margarete has no fears and will often do amputations and call the shots. The more time they spend together they find themselves falling in love with each other. Lucius starts to question who this woman really is.

When a soldier is brought in carrying mysterious drawings and doesn’t seem to have any symptoms other than mental it posses a problem for Lucius and Margarete as they try to spare him from being sent back to the front lines. As time goes by and Lucius is separated from Margarete he wonders if he will ever see her again. Even when he returns home and gets on with his life, he still thinks of her and searches for her.

An intense look at what life on the front lines looked like with limited supplies, the threat of war hanging over them and an inexperienced doctor make for a thrilling novel. The added tale of forbidden love and loss only heighten the intensiveness of the story. Who is the Sister and will they one day be able to find each other again?

You can read it and find out when it comes out on Tuesday, September 11th from Little Brown and Company.

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