Book Review: ‘The Wild Girls: A Novel’ By Phoebe Morgan

Grace, Felicity, Alice and Hannah use to be best friends in London and were known as the Wild Girls. About two years ago there was a dust-up among them and they stopped speaking for the most part. Now out of the blue Felicity has sent the other three invitations to her birthday party in Botswana and she’s paying for everything. At first the other three are not interested but change their minds. Each has their own thing going on but feel it will be good to get away. There’s also secrets among all of them that have never been revealed. They arrive at the gorgeous resort and they can’t find Felicity. Soon they suspect things are not as they seem. Over the course of the book we learn the shocking secrets from the past and before this trip is over there will be dead bodies and just who will survive this nightmare. An intense psychological thriller that hits all the right notes and is a heck of a read. You will want to keep reading along to see how everything plays out.

You can pick up The Wild Girls in stores on Tuesday, April 26th from William Morrow Paperbacks.

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