Book Review: ‘The Wife Upstairs: A Novel’ By Rachel Hawkins

In Birmingham, AL a woman named Jane is telling her story. She’s currently a dog walker for the rich in the Thornfield Estates area. She barely makes enough money to pay her rent to the creepy guy John she lives with. She has been known to steal a few things from her rich clients. She also has secrets and we learn her name isn’t really Jane. Then she meets Eddie in the neighborhood, as he almost hits her with his car. He lost his wife Bea and her best friend Blanche in a boating accident (their bodies never were found). She sees something in Eddie and he seems smitten with her. He gets a dog and hires her to walk her and soon they’re dating and she’s living with him. She suddenly has the rich life she has always wanted. But she has secrets and so does Eddie. Then Blanche’s body is found and it was murder. The police reopen the case and we soon learn a shocking secret and both Eddie and Jane it seems are playing games….games that won’t work out for one of them.

A solid thriller that also gets a bit predicatable as you read on. Still enough to keep the readers interested right up to the shocking finale.

You can pick up The Wife Upstairs in stores on Tuesday, January 5th from St. Martin’s Press.

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