Book Review: ‘The Wife Stalker’ Is The Next Great Thriller From Liv Constantine

Following The Last Mrs. Parrish and The Last Time I Saw You, author Liv Constantine is back with their next great thriller The Wife Stalker. Following the same formula as the first two books, it’s a sordid tale with twists and turns you don’t see coming. Liv Constantine is officially a force to be reckoned with in the thriller Genre!

Piper Reynard, not her real name, has moved to Westport, Connecticut after escaping San Diego. Something bad happened there and she was run out of town. She has bought a nice house, has her boat on the water and bought a rehab and wellness center.

Leo has been in a depression for months now and his wife Joanna has been patience with him while taking care of their two kids. Leo seems to be coming out of it and has a big trial coming up (he’s a criminal lawyer) and has to prepare for it. He meets Piper at the wellness center to inquire about his client. She is smitten with him and has decided she will have him despite the fact he has on a wedding ring. She makes it her mission and soon she is succeeding.

Joanna has noticed and does everything she can to stop it but soon Leo and Piper are a couple and he sends Joanna packing with a nice check and visitation with the kids. Joanna is not taking this well and decides to investigate Piper and soon learns shocking things about her.

Leo and Piper get married even with Joanna trying to make their lives miserable. Piper is not who she says she is and Joanna is worried about the kids and their safety. But then a shocking twist takes place and just who is who and the lives of everyone will soon be jeopardy and you’ll never see it coming.

You can pick up The Wife Stalker in stores on Tuesday, May 19th from Harper.

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