Book Review: ‘The Wife And The Widow’ Has A Twist You Don’t See Coming

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

I love a book where I am left shocked at the twist that takes place. I never saw the one that happens in this novel coming. In her second standalone novel author Christian White has written a gem of a story. It has mystery, murder and duel story-telling from the two main characters. It works on every level and he has topped herself from his first book. A major force in the book world going forward.

Two women Kate and Abby, who have never met, have their worlds turned upside down when they discover secrets about their respective husbands.

In Melbourne Kate and her 10 year old daughter wait at the airport for the return of her husband John, after a business trip in London. They wait and wait but no John. Kate starts calling around and finds out he was never on the plane or in London to begin with. She also finds out he left his job three months ago. She finally figures out he may be at their summer house on a small island two hours away.

Abby is married to Ray (they live on the island) with two teenage kids and barely are making it financially. She works at the local supermarket and Ray does caretaker/handyman work on the island. Abby soon finds a stash of male porn magazines in the garage and learns he has not shown up for jobs when he was suppose to. She asks him about these things and he tells her to leave it alone.

When Kate gets to the island home it shows that John has been there buts there’s no sign of him now. Until she gets that call. He is found dead in the water. An investigation begins into the death and when we finally learn the truth it truly is a shock. I can’t say anymore as to not spoil the plot. But once again prepared to be mind blown!

You can pick up The Wife And The Widow in stores on Tuesday, January 21st.