Book Review: ‘The Wicked Hour: A Natalie Lockhart Novel’ By Alice Blanchard

After a great debut with Trace Of Evil, author Alice Blanchard is back with the follow-up novel featuring Detective Natalie Lockhart. This second novel is not as good as the first one. The story just isn’t as good as the first book. There’s more character development with Natalie and her past but overall suffers from the sophomore seconds.

Natalie is still suffering from what happened in the first book. It’s been six months and she’s back to work, she’s a celebrity but still suffers emotionally. It’s the big Halloween weekend events in Burning Lake, N.Y. and the town is packed and every cop it seems is working. And then the next morning when the clean-up begins, the naked body of 24-year-old Morgan Chambers is found in a dumpster, with no visable signs of what might have happened to her. Natalie figures out she was a violinist. It reminds Natalie of her missing best friend Bella, who went missing the night of their high school graduation, also a violinist.

Natalie is on the case and interviewing everyone she can find that knew Morgan and soon has a few suspects, including her own Doctor. She soon figures it out and once again her life is in jeopardy and she hopes to find out if this ties in with Bella.

You can pick up The Wicked Hour in stores on Tuesday, December 1st from Minotaur Books.

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