Book Review: ‘The Wedding Party’ Is A Great Rom-Com

If it wasn’t for Alexa two people would never be around each other. Both Maddie and Theo are best friends with her. But they can’t stand each other for various reasons. Well you know what they say about extreme hate…it makes for great sex. After Theo’s birthday party and a few drinks they find themselves getting naked and doing it. And it is HOT. They both are amazed at how great it was. They also decide it can never happen again and no one can ever know.

So of course neither one can stop thinking about it and of course it happens again. But never again this is it. Until next time. It is so damn hot. Now they make rules about when it can and can’t happen. And Alexa has gotten engaged and they are both in the wedding party. They agree to their rules and that when the wedding is over they will stop.

The question is how do you stop great sex? How do you be friends with benefits without emotions coming into it? When a tragic accident happens they will discover what they haven’t wanted to feel and it could end up backfiring on them. And do they really think the people around them don’t know? Will they follow their hearts or end up with broken hearts?

This book number 3 in author Jasmine Guillory’s wedding series. It is a really fun summer romantic read. You find yourself rooting for the characters to hopefully be together. My first time reading one of Jasmine’s books and I am in for the future.

You can pick up The Wedding Party in stores on Tuesday, July 16 from Berkley Jove Trade Paperback.

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