Book Review: ‘The Wedding Night: A Novel’ By Harriet Walker

Lizzie and Dan are suppose to be married in a week in the South of France with their friends to witness the big day. A week before the wedding Lizzie calls it off and never gives a reason. Since everything has been booked Lizzie and her friends decide to still go. The wedding preperations were cancelled or where they? They still find everything there and it seems Dan uncancelled them. The first night there Lizzie talks pills and goes to sleep. Her friends drink very heavily and the next morning it looks like they had a wedding celebration. And things don’t seem right. Did two people hook up? What happened to the wedding rings? Who’s leaving weird notes for Lizzie? It seems like Dan is there but no one has seen him yet. As the days go on weird things keep happening and slowly secrets start to come out. And then Dan does show up and everything shocking secret comes out. Just what is the truth?

A solid character driven story with twists and turns to keep the reader engaged. The setting in the South of France with no phone service or internet helps to enhance the story. A fun spring mystery.

You can pick up The Wedding Night in stores on Tuesday, June 1st from Ballantine Books.

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