Book Review: ‘The Vicious Circle: A Novel’ By Katherine St. John

Model Sveta Bentzen lives in New York and is engaged to Chase, who makes a lot of money, and has overbearing mother and family, who don’t approve of Sveta. When she finds out that her uncle Paul has died suddenly at a place called Xanadu, a wellness center in the Mexican jungle, she’s shocked to learn she has inherited everything. She learns this from his Lawyer Lucas, who years ago took Sveta’s virginity and then ghosted her. She must go the funeral the next day and Lucas goes with her and they confront Kali, Paul’s girlfriend, who he never married. She claims she has a new will that he signed and offers Sveta a payout. They find things at Xanadu are not what they seem, it’s a cult, with lots of secrets, and someone doesn’t want Sveta there. They’re stuck there when their ride out is grounded and soon shocking secrets are revealed and Sveta and Lucas still feel something. It all leads to a shocking showdown and lives will be lost. A thrilling story, set in a lush location, that looks at cults and finds two characters falling for each other once again, set against deadly secrets. A fun fall thriller.

You can pick up The Vicious Circle in stores on Tuesday, September 27th from William Morrow.

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