Book Review: ‘The Unkindness Of Ravens: A Greer Hogan Mystery’ By M.E. Hilliard

Book number two finds Greer Hogan now a librarian after the tragic murder of her husband. She left New York and now lives in the small village of Raven Hill. The only person she knows in town is Joanna, her former best friend who she lost touch with. When she heads to the roof for her lunch break and opens the door to the roof a body falls down and it’s Joanna and she’s dead. The police soon arrive and start questioning everyone. Greer seems like a prime suspect in the case. Greer decides to start an investigation and it seems to have something to with a shocking past in the town and she soon finds herself in danger and facing death, when the killer decides she knows to much. Will she be able to escape this person?

I love these small town mystery novels. They’re filled with fun, quirky characters and plots that are easy to read and follow. This falls into this category. It was enjoyable to read.

You can pick up The Unkindess Of Ravens in stores on Tuesday, April 13th from Crooked Lane.

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